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Wave Murano Glass

Wave Murano Glass was born in January 2017 from Roberto Beltrami’s passion for glass. We are based on the island of Murano (Venice), the place where the world-reknown art of blown glass started and grew since ancient times.
Our company is based in an old building that dates back to 1850 with a factory footprint of 1500m2. We run 5 glass melting furnaces that burn 24/7, 11 months per year, at and average temperature of 1150°C.
Our team is made up with 10 of the best and most talented glass craftsmen on the island of Murano.
In our short business history we established collaborations to some of the biggest luxury brands in the world of furniture and lighting. Our innovative approach to glassmaking turned us into the go-to workshop for bespoke and artistic glass production on behalf of artists. designers and architects.
The scientific background of Roberto, young glass master and founder of wave murano glass, is the engine behind all innovative solutions that we develop for our clients.
Wave Murano Glass mission is to uphold the millenary tradition of glass on the island of Murano, while using technology to innovate our craft in our fast paced world.
Thanks to the company’s constant strive for innovation, today Wave Murano glass is the only factroy in Murano that has built a glass melting furnace with a groundbreaking waste heat recuperation system in order to save energy and have a much lower environmental impact.
Wave Murano glass i salso a proud member of the Regional certification Vetro Artistico di Murano® its member code being of 096.
This certifies the origin of the glass you are buying and guarantees that its fabrication and supply line are all exclusively on the island of Murano.
Only companies with production in Murano can obtain this certification.

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