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Relax Srl

Relax shower enclosures are born and evolve thanks to a mix of skills and knowledge: from the most extreme shaping of the glass to the quality of the machining of milled aluminum components. We select the finest raw materials from local suppliers who, like us, want to make Made in Italy known all over the world. This is the secret that Relax has been pursuing for many years, a key factor in understanding the quality of our products, made up of continuous innovation and the awareness of always having the best raw materials and components of Italian creativity.

Man and technology at the service of quality.
The two fundamental components of a Relax product are glass and aluminum and represent their flexibility and strength. In fact, for each shower enclosure it is necessary to identify the aluminum and glass that guarantee the best performance. But without studied and precise human skills able to manage the technologies and constantly control all the production processes, it would not be possible to understand the reason for the success of Relax. The shower cabin is followed and subjected to all sorts of tests. Quality control is the guarantor of the total quality of Relax products.

Exclusive design.
We pay close attention to the design of our products. The exclusivity of our shower enclosures intercepts and anticipates market trends, making aesthetics an essential value in order to create a Relax product. From the rounded curves of Bobox to the decorative profiles of Puro, we make sure that all the elements that compose them are enhanced. Each choice is studied, from the choice of finishes to that of materials: the finished product thus becomes a harmonious result in which all the elements are perfectly integrated.

Certified quality.
Safety and reliability are essential qualities for Relax and for this reason we rely on the most important European certification institute to subject our shower enclosures to the most severe tests. TÜV SÜD certifications allow us to improve our products day after day, making them safer and more durable.

Total service.
Relax offers a diversified and complete range of products able to satisfy any consumer need. With a rich and diverse range of shower enclosures, the organization that manages it becomes essential. Deliveries are fast and on time. The sales force and after-sales service ensure a complete range of services, from commercial and technical assistance to consultancy relating to any customized and tailormade project. We also provide technical datasheets, assembly instructions, and 3D files, which can be easily downloaded from our website.

Solutions for the future.
Relax over the years, with passion and experience, has decided to patent some aesthetic and functional solutions, the result of the work and engineering of its research and development department. Our desire to propose new and original solutions has materialized with 6 different functional and aesthetic patents. In the photo from the left: Oblique shelf capable of supporting the shower enclosure without a support arm and the radius of the Bobox glass.

Tailor-made products.
Our work starts from the analysis of customer requests, in order to identify the perfect solution for their needs. All of our tailor-made solutions are designed and built by our technical department to position themselves in perfect harmony in the bathroom that will host them.
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