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Effe Vetreria Artistica di Lazzarini Ivana & C. Sas

Vetreria Artistica EFFE has been operating on the island of Murano since 1985 and the experience gained in recent years allows us to offer articles of excellent quality and artistic finishing with attention to the details, from hot processing in the furnace up the finishing in moleria.
The glassfactory and the brand are born from the idea of the master Walter Furlan, who thanks to his experience, developed from a very young age collaborating with the best masters of the 50s and 60s, manages to create sculptures with different techniques such as submerged and solid glass.
Recently the brand has obtained the appreciation and involvement of various commercial realities, art galleries, collectors and artists whom the glassfactory still actively collaborates with for the realization of new ideas and new lines of products.
The progress and continuous development of the brand has been possible through to the actual direction of master Mario Furlan, who was always in strict contact with the artistic glass world in the island, also having the opportunity to see his father Walter while working the glass.
In the EFFE artistic glassfactory we work for a continuous development and evolution of new production techniques, which however maintain the true essence of Murano glass handed down from generation to generation.
We have a wide assortment of works and collections, among the best known are the glasses inspired by the world of art, works born from the observation and interpretation of the paintings of great artists such as Picasso, Miró, Modigliani, paying homage to them and enhancing the colors and details through the three-dimensionality of the glass, each of our products is marked with a glass brand depicting the logo of the company and the glassmaster signature, giving so a guarantee of quality and authenticity of our products.
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