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Bottega SpA

Soffieria Alexander is located in Pianzano di Godega (TV), about 6 km from the headquarters of Bottega S.p.A. It was created in the historic distillery, where the Bottega family began its activity in the 70s. Here are created the famous blown glass bottles branded Alexander and many other art objects.
A careful restoration has made possible the transformation, creating in the Marca Trevigiana a magical space that recalls the charm of Murano. The master glassmaker Mauro Chinellato and his collaborators transform the glass, shape the bottles by blowing air from their lungs into them and using a blowtorch and pliers, they chisel out the small sculptures that characterize each piece Alexander.
In every phase of the craft work is exclusively manual and therefore allows the daily production of a limited number of pieces, depending on the different technical difficulties that characterize the realization of the different works.
The Alexander design, created by Sandro Bottega, was born from a privileged relationship with Venice, which is at the same time a city of water, art and style, as well as an inspiring muse of the cult of beauty. For this reason, the magic of blown glass has been used to enhance the transparency of grappa. The purity of blown glass is the basis of the care for packaging in all its expressions, consolidating the historic link with Venice.
Soffieria Alexander also manufactures custom items based on the designs provided by the customers themselves.
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