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AAV Barbini srl

The company boasts a glorious family tradition in the field of glass dating back to the seventeenth century. It currently has three generations of expert artisans at the peak of their technical powers, which they have reached thanks to their immense passion, professional experience and a profound knowledge of the substance and its history. All the different production phases (the project, cutting, bevelling, engraving, silvering and assembly) are carried out exclusively on the island of Murano and are personally overseen by the brothers Vincenzo and Giovanni Barbini and by their respective children, Nicola, Marco and Giovanna, Pietro, Andrea and Filippo, who have been able to reinterpret this inestimable wealth of techniques and secrets in continuity with their forebears. The children’s involvement in the company has injected new vitality and energy. This is thanks to their constant desire to try out new silvering and engraving techniques and to the introduction of new machines, such as the modern water jet, the only one of its kind on Murano, and to the installation of an oven to fuse the glass.
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