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Made in Venice - about this project

Extraordinary and magical, its very existence is miraculous.
Always suspended between East and West, the custodian of the Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance traditions.
It continues to enchant the world for the unparalleled sophistication and elegance of its life style and products.
It is Venice, the city of water and land, once a power of the seas, now a perfect example of coexistence of art, culture, environment and unique manufacturing production.
Cradle of many companies of high value, ambassadors to the world of the Venetian way of life.
The values from La Serenissima are still alive and find their most effective reinterpretations in the areas of interior design, furniture and decoration.
These areas combine centuries of tradition of craftsmanship and an innate cosmopolitan flair to create a timeless luxurious style: classic and majestic - worthy of a Venetian patrician villa - functional and technological - according to the highest standards of the current market.
Precious fabrics, refined wood, sumptuous lines and impeccable components are the basis of our proposal for those who fancy a taste of Made in Italy and cherish the Venetian tradition and mastery.


The "Made in Venice" project aims at creating a digital showcase of some of the best décor companies in Venice and Rovigo. Through webinars and the incoming mission next September 2022, companies in this area will benefit from international engagement and potential new leads.

If you are a buyer, architect or distributor interested in taking part in the incoming mission and knowing more about this project, find your local ITA Agency by clicking here .